87 Ferdinand von Wright: Taistelevat metsot / Fighting Capercaillie Kemia / Chemistry FIN https://vimeo.com/632855336/4f029a3067 ENG https://vimeo.com/632855167/a15ecbbe2f Akseli Gallen-Kallela: Purren valitus / The Lamenting Boat Kemia / Chemistry FIN https://vimeo.com/632856127/dc32233ed0 ENG https://vimeo.com/632855591/de991f9732 2. Enriching the learning material videos with curriculum-based exercises The teachers emphasise that the learning materials are most usable if there is a strong connection to the school curriculum. That information is clear when they are contacted in teachers' events, continuing education events, or with emails, meetings, newsletter feedback etc. The exercises serve as the content of all three learning phases according to the teacher’s preference. They can 1) lead to a discussion of the issue (pre) 2) be the main content of the lesson (present) or 3) guide the dealing of the topic afterwards with more depth and review (post) This was kept in mind when Heureka implemented video-based lessons in the early stages of the OTA project. The topics were chosen in grounds of Heureka expertise and contacts with teachers, and in grounds of the OTA survey for teachers, which showed the topics most needed. Teacher members of the OTA Focus Group emphasized that the most needed pandemic online learning materials are the self-directed ones for those pupils who are faster than others or wish to concentrate on the subject. If you can see if the exercise is less or more demanding, using it is easy. Teachers also stressed that even a good material will not be used if its connection to the curriculum is not completely clear. Therefore, Heureka will introduce a well-established presentation format, in which there is a summary presenting the connections of each task set