86 researchers are talking as concretely as possible. However, for all researchers, this does not work as well: for example, the topology is pretty challenging to explain in a few minutes. This report only shows part of the videos and some of the activities connected to them. The dissemination of all the videos will be done in late spring 2022 at Heureka teachers' event. There will be a possibility to watch the videos, introduce the learning materials, and test some of them hands-on. The whole material will be marketed at Heureka Newsletter for Schools (7700 receivers), at Heureka Facebook for teachers (600 followers), and it will be presented at Heureka Learning Materials website. Combining science and visual arts in this way is so novel idea that the National Gallery of Finland intends to include the video in its own distribution. LIST OF ALL HEUREKA’S OTA - VIDEOS (each appr. 5 min.) Ole Kandelin: Nuorallatanssija / The Rope Dancer Matematiikka / Mathematics FIN https://vimeo.com/683225011/1f4bef87a3 ENG https://vimeo.com/683222067/21ba4dd028 Werner Holmberg: Kyröskoski / The Kyrö Rapids Fysiikka / Physics FIN https://vimeo.com/683221638/2831a6a889 ENG https://vimeo.com/683219982/e8a9f2e147 Helene Schjerfbeck: Omakuva 1915 / Self Portrait 1915 Matematiikka / Mathematics FIN https://vimeo.com/693509490/d9a4d94bb0 ENG https://vimeo.com/693504226/c4c746560e Hugo Simberg: Hartaus / Devotion Fysiikka / Physics FIN https://vimeo.com/693502439/ab86879fe5 ENG https://vimeo.com/693501179/551082c5ca