88 to the learning content of school lessons. There is also a note of how demanding the exercise is. This will give the teachers an easy way to glimpse the summary to see which content is suitable to her/him. This is important information for the creators of the learning materials, because although teachers in Finland have much more power to design the content of their own lessons than teachers in many other European countries, they still rely on ready-made frames and look for the most complete materials possible. 2.1. Enriching exercises 1 / 5 Which part of the face? SUBJECT Mathematics TOPIC FROM CURRICULUM GENERAL TOPIC: SUBTOPIC Geometry Circle Topology LEARNING OBJECTIVES Understand the basic concepts of topology in the field of mathematics and that a work of fine art is the sum of its parts. ART EXPRESSIOSIONS/VISUAL FORMS USED Self-portrait 1915 of Finnish artist Helene Schjerfbeck. https://www.kansallisgalleria.fi/fi/object/399658 SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Network connection and computer, printer, scissors. MOTIVATIONAL STAGE TITLE OF THE LESSON Which part of the face?