72 SUBJECT Art class, chemistry TOPIC FROM CURRICULUM GENERAL TOPIC: SUBTOPIC Pigment, binder, solvent LEARNING OBJECTIVES To learn: - about different types of paints and painting materials, - how to make your own paint (tempera). ART EXPRESSIOSIONS/VISUAL FORMS USED Direct use and analysis. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS No special requirements. MOTIVATIONAL STAGE TITLE OF THE LESSON Make your own paint. Guided tour and workshop for Gal's Children Club (Children aged 6–12). ISSUE/PROBLEM (society issue, issue that is seen relevant from pupils’ perspective, issue linked to some nature phenomenon or phenomenon from pupils’ everyday life) How did painters make their own paint in the past? Can we do the same? INVESTIGATIONAL STAGE DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY Part one: We talk about: - what is paint, what do we use it for? - what kind of paints do we know (tempera, oil paint, pastel …) and what are the differences between them? - what do we need to make our own paint? Part two: