23 established in which in addition to a vertical teaching (proper to the traditional method) will promote a horizontal learning process. Creative Approaching creativity and encouraging students to be creative is the essential aspect found in the STEAM method. Teaching students to approach theoretical concepts within the curricula in a creative way means giving them the foundation to apply this way of approaching things to life outside of school. ● Creativity ● Innovation ● Problem solving Coherent, Critical The STEAM approach inevitably needs internal coherence and compatibility within the curricula of all subjects with the subjects. At the same time, it must approach what students will learn critically, including through experimentation with what they study. ● Critical thinking ● Problem solving Interactive Learning by doing: students will experience a type of experiential learning, through doing. This method will be based on different factors that are equally important: concrete experience; observation, reflection, the formation of abstract concepts and the replicability of the method in different contexts. ● Communication ● Collaboration ● Critical thinking