21 The STEAM method brings with it a number of characteristics that enable the development of certain key skills for students. The key characteristics are: ● Multidisciplinary ● Collaborative ● Flexible ● Inclusive ● Students-centred ● Creative ● Coherent, Critical ● Interactive ● Fun Each of these characteristics is a precondition for developing and strengthening the following competencies: ● Developing critical and reflective thinking ● Learning to learn ● Understanding connections ● Collaboration and communication -> Encourage inclusion; foster socialisation ● Flexibility ● Empathy ● Self-confidence ● Self-efficacy ● Patience ● Autonomy ● Creativity ● Problem solving Characteristics of the STEAM approach What does it mean? Learning objectives Multidisciplinary The STEAM method is defined as a method or approach and not as a discipline because it works on a wide range while recognizing the importance of individual disciplines as well as the interaction between them and the reality that students live. The STEAM approach is therefore transversal, embracing at the same time several different subjects and avoiding reasoning and creating unproductive ● Reflective thinking ● Learning to learn ● MetacognitionUnderstanding connections