13 One project that strives towards promoting interest and relevance is PARSEL (popularity and relevance of science education for enhancing scientific literacy). One possibility to make science lessons popular explored within PARSEL was to use every day related socio-scientific issues. In the context of the modules, popularity refers to students liking science lessons and wishing to study the subject in school. It also refers to liking science in general. Thus, an emotional component stems from the module and the way science is presented. It tries to address the concern – school science is not interesting. Rather than the students being stimulated to learn by the teacher, the subject matter or external pressures e.g. examinations, PARSEL strives to promote self motivation by the students having an inherent desire to study the module. It attempts this by relating to students’ needs and desires. An important component is assessment, which should take a step forward from the task being accomplished or not (Rannikmäe et al., 2010, p. 116-125). Figure 1: Source: Rannikmäe, M., Teppo, M., & Holbrook, J. (2010). Popularity and relevance of science education literacy: Using a context-based approach. Science Education International, 21(2), 120. 2.4 OTA METHODOLOGY Three stages in OTA Methodology are coming out of those, structured in PROFILES project. The adjustments were made, when setting three stages, so they fit the needs of the OTA project. First stage is emphasising pupils' motivation. If the motivation is carefully planned, pupils' intrinsic motivation arises and they feel their work in school is important and