113 GOAL OF TASKS -To learn more about the different elements of the periodical table, -to learn the properties and everyday uses of these elements. TEACHING METHODS: (creativeproblem solving, resource-based learning, inquiry-based learning, setting small groups, teamwork, experiential learning) Experiential learning, resource-based learning, teamwork. CONSOLIDATION STAGE APPROACH/METHOD (discussion, argumentative debate, roleplaying …) Practical work, discussion. EXPECTED RESULTS Students understand the properties and uses of different chemical elements. ASSESSMENT Groups exchange their cardboards- collages and see if they can add any other image on it. EVALUATION Students are asked to give examples of different uses of the elements in everyday life. INNOVADE 4 SUBJECT Analogies TOPIC FROM CURRICULUM GENERAL TOPIC: SUBTOPIC Maths Geometry LEARNING OBJECTIVES -Explain the use of analogies for aesthetic and practical reasons. -Utilize analogies to construct own art works.