112 SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Worksheets with questions for different elements, internet/ computer, printer, piece of cardboard, glue, scissors. MOTIVATIONAL STAGE TITLE OF THE LESSON The Periodic Table of Elements Collage ISSUE/PROBLEM (society issue, issue that is seen relevant from pupils’ perspective, issue linked to some nature phenomenon or phenomenon from pupils’ everyday life) The chemical elements in everyday life. INVESTIGATIONAL STAGE DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY The activity is about exploring the different elements of the periodical table by creating a collage with images. TASKS Step 1: Students in groups of 3 are assigned an element. Step 2: Students are given worksheets with questions about that element and specific Internet sites to get the information. Step 3: Students gather their images based on their research. Step 4: In a given format, the students create a collage of images, including the name of the element, the symbol, atomic mass, and atomic number, everyday uses of the element. Step 5: The teacher can collect everything and make a large periodic table on a wall. Step 6: Each group can present their work; students also describe how each chosen image is connected to the element.