Powers - Large and small numbers - Powers - Square - Difference between (-a) ^ n and -a ^ n - Calculate with power and square - Use of pocket calculator - Partly root, rationalize the denominator of a fraction - Solve real life problems Expressions - Algebraic expressions - Meanings of variables, terms and factors in expressions - Calculate with algebraic expressions - Solve real life problems Percentage (percentage) account and direct and inverse ratio - Graphical display p% - Calculate with p% - Solve real life problems - Use of pocket calculator Collection, editing and presentation of data - Computer created spreadsheet and graph - Compose and use a questionnaire, empiric investigation, critical use of collected data - Presentation of the collected data - Arithmetic mean, mode and median of given data - Use of pocket calculator - Solve real life problems Equations and inequalities - Solve equations (with table, with diagram and with consideration) - Express the unknown from the formula - Solve the inequality (Real numbers); computationally solve the equation and do the test - Solve real life problems Experience with random events - Collect, edit, analyse the results of the experiment and in concrete cases (experiments) - Observation and prediction of the events - Connection of the concepts of statistical and mathematical probability