Annex a Common topics maths: General topics Specific topics Geometric concepts - Triangle (drawing, circumference, area, arches ...) - Rectangle / square (drawing, circumference, area, arches...) - Other polygons (drawing, circumference, area, arches...) - Circle (drawing, circumference, area, arches..., π, circular arch/sections...) - Pythagorean theorem Transformations - Transformations (mirroring, displacement, rotation) and their properties - Mirror a point, line, line, angle, character over a selected line or over a point - Concept of line bisectors and angle bisectors and solve construction problems Natural numbers - Composite & prime numbers - Computational operations - Divide number into pre-factors - Determine the largest common divisor or the smallest common multiple of numbers - Divisibility rules with 4, with 8, and with 10 ^ n - Solve real life problems Rational numbers - Fractions - Find the lowest common denominator of a given fraction - Computational operations - Solve real life problems - Expand and shorten a fraction - Break the fraction into a whole part and a fraction smaller than 1 or decimal - Compare the fractions Real numbers - Distinguish between sets N, Z, Q, R and understand the relationship between them - The opposite, absolute, inverse of the number and calculate - Sort numbers by size - Computational operations - Solve real life problems - Pocket computer Functions - Coordinate system, coordinate axes (abscissa, ordinate), grid, coordinates of given point - Compose a table and draw a graph variables - Read graphs - Definition of the linear function y = kx + n (graph, use and meaning of coefficients k - and n, position of the point with respect to the line) and drawing it Accounting operations and their properties - Calculating with fractions, decimals, integers - Skilfully calculating - Calculate with rational numbers - Solve real life problems