Target group: studeNts For students, the most difficult Chemistry subjects in learning online were: ● Mixtures and pure substances ● Atoms ● General and safety ● Solution ● Chemistry general Mixtures and Pure substances, is the most difficult topic in learning online the topic Methods of separating pure substances from mixtures. In addition, the topic Atoms gave some problems to the students, regarding the Structure of the atomand theAtom model. Regarding General and safety students had problems in understanding the Role of chemistry especially in everyday life. RegardingSolutions, the most difficult topics in learning online wereFactors that affect the rate of dissolution of substances and Concept of solubility of substances and saturation of solutions. Finally, with regard to Chemistry general teachers think that Molecules was a hard topic for the students. physics Target group: teachers For Physics, the most difficult subjects in teaching online were: ● Accelerated motion and Newton’s second law ● Density, pressure and buoyancy 35