Functions seem to be the most difficult topic in learning online, according to the Italian teachers; Read a graph and Compose a table and draw a graph variablewere the most complicated sub-topics. Italian maths teachers believe that also Percentage gave some problems to the students, especially regardingCalculation with p%. Transformation in general was a hard topic for the students, who found it difficult especially regardingtheir properties. Geometric concepts gave some difficulties regarding theCircle and Other polygons. Finally, for the Expression the teachers think that the topics most difficult to learn online for their students were Solve real life problems and Calculate with algebraic expressions. Chemistry Target group:teacher For Chemistry, the most difficult subjects in teaching online were: ● General and safety ● Solution ● Chemistry general ● Element in the periodic table According to the Italian chemistry teachers the most difficult topic in teaching online was General and safety. They also found many difficulties in teaching Solution, with regard to Concept of solubility of substances and saturation of solutions; Solutions as examples of mixtures and distinguish between solvent and Solute and Factors that affect the rate of dissolution of substances. Regarding Chemistry general teachers found most difficulties with the sub-topic Atoms; while in the Element in the periodic table, the most challenging topic was Chemical elements are classified in periodic system and marked with symbols. 34