The most difficult topic for the Finnish physics teachers to teach online was Density, pressure and buoyancyin relation to: - Mass and volume measurement; - Area measurement; - Buoyancy Also, Forces were difficult to teach online, mostly in: - Measurement of forces - Drawing forces - Interaction Act Finally, there teachers found difficulties teaching onlineAccelerated motion and Newton's second law, especially in relation with: - Path at steadily accelerated motion - Relationship between mass, force and acceleration. Target group: studeNts According to the Finnish physics teachers, the students found more difficulties in the same subjects defined as difficult by the teachers themselves: ● Forces ● Accelerated motion and Newton’s second law ● Density, pressure and buoyancy In relation to Forces, they found it more difficult to understand the concept of Measurement of forces and Drawing forces. Accelerated motion and Newton's second law has been difficult for students with regard to: - Path at steadily accelerated motion; - Relationship between mass, force and acceleration RegardingDensity, pressure and buoyancythey found more difficulties in relation to: 28