For students, the most difficult Chemistry subjects in learning online were: ● Element in the periodic table ● General and safety ● Chemistry general ● Solution According to the Finnish teachers the most difficult topic in learning online was Elements in the periodic table, especially with regard toChemical elements that are classified in periodic systems and marked with symbols. They believe that alsoGeneral and safetywas challenging to understand for their students, regarding: - Laboratory equipment - Safety in laboratory - Laboratory equipment Safety Molecules was the hardest topic for what concerned Chemistry general, while the teachers who rated difficult for the students to learn Solution noted more difficulties when they addressed the Concept of solubility of substances and saturation of solutions and theSolutions as examples of mixtures and distinguish between solvent and solute. PHYSICS Target group: teachers For Physics, the most difficult subjects in teaching online were: ● Density, pressure and buoyancy ● Forces ● Accelerated motion and Newton’s second law 27