92 DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY Instructions 1: Watch a five-minute video in which topology expert Kirsi Peltonen and art expert Anu Utriainen share their thoughts of the self-portrait of Finnish artist Helene Schjerfbeck from 1915. https://vimeo.com/693504226/c4c746560e The video will lead to a discussion of the issue. Make a Möbius strip: 1. Take a strip of plain paper 2. Turn the other end over and tape the ends together. 3. Draw a line along the ribbon so that the lines line up. 4. Cut along the line. 5. You can repeat the experiment, but now cut the tape into three parts, on either side of the centerline you drew. TASKS Making a Möbius strip model GOAL OF TASKS Understand the basic concepts of topology in the field of mathematics and that a work of fine art is the sum of its parts. TEACHING METHODS: (creativeproblem solving, resource-based learning, inquiry-based learning, setting small groups, teamwork, experiential learning) - Creative problem solving, - experiential learning, - problem solving skills, - linked to pupils' everyday life and societal issues. CONSOLIDATION STAGE