79 - How can we investigate, if there is something painted beneath the top layers of the paint? - Can we learn something from the research; for e.g. about the artist, about his methods of work, about the way of how the works of art were made in the past etc. INVESTIGATIONAL STAGE DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY App is free of charge and can be downloaded from mobile app stores. Available only in Slovenian. The interactive game consists of several chapters, which take the user through the permanent collection and show him/her specific injuries, pentimenti and other damage or corrections made to works of art. Some of the stations are enriched with AR and show you the paintings under different types of illumination. In the end, visitors get some professional directions on how to take care of the artworks at home (the right climate conditions, light intensity, no-touch and non-invasive approach). TASKS - Answer questions with several options, - puzzles, - visual quiz, - quick fingers; slide from left to right to give a correct answer, - spot the differences. GOAL OF TASKS To showcase how: - art and science are connected, intertwined, - physics and chemistry are necessary to completely understand the works of art, - natural sciences are inevitably connected to preservation of the artworks,