63 SUBJECT Physics TOPIC FROM CURRICULUM GENERAL TOPIC: SUBTOPIC LIGHT Refraction of light beam LEARNING OBJECTIVES They understand that the angle of a light beam is refracted when passing between different substances. ART EXPRESSIOSIONS/VISUAL FORMS USED Refraction of light through thick glass, glass runoff in old windows and increase in thickness at the bottom of the window and thus an even more pronounced refraction of light. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Container with opaque sides, coin, water MOTIVATIONAL STAGE TITLE OF THE LESSON Refraction of light in water. ISSUE/PROBLEM (society issue, issue that is seen relevant from pupils’ perspective, issue linked to some nature phenomenon or phenomenon from pupils’ everyday life) Why are my feet in the water bigger than they really are? INVESTIGATIONAL STAGE DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY How to see a coin that is behind the edge of a container. TASKS Place the coin in the container at the far edge. Tilt so that the wall of the container will just overlap the coin. Add water. While refilling, you notice that the coin is “showing up” and in the end you can see the whole coin. Due to the physical phenomenon, the refraction of light, the speed of light changes when passing into another substance. This also changes the direction of the light beam. GOAL OF TASKS See the coin behind the edge of the container. TEACHING METHODS: (creative-problem solving, resource-based learning, inquirybased learning, setting small groups, teamwork, experiential learning) Creative problem solving, experiential learning. CONSOLIDATION STAGE