60 TASKS Manufacture of Lava lights Pour a little colored water into the flask attached to the stand. Add oil that is more than water. Add effervescent tablets. Quantities are not determined, in the experiment the student determines the quantities on the basis of experiments. GOAL OF TASKS Lava light - display of oil floating on water. Water and oil do not mix. No matter how much we shake the dish, water and oil do not mix with each other. Lowdensity oil floats on water. The dyes themselves and the use of the magnesium tablet are exclusively for aesthetic appearance. Effervescent tablets contain magnesium carbonate. As a result, water and magnesium carbonate react and bubbles are released. (cross-curricular link with chemistry). TEACHING METHODS: (creativeproblem solving, resource-based learning, inquiry-based learning, setting small groups, teamwork, experiential learning) Creative problem solving, pair work, independent work, research, experiential learning. CONSOLIDATION STAGE APPROACH/METHOD (discussion, argumentative debate, roleplaying …) Discussion EXPECTED RESULTS Know the difference in density of matter. Know why homogeneous matter floats. ASSESSMENT EVALUATION Description of buoyancy and swimming in your own words, knowledge and differentiation of homogeneous or heterogeneous substances. OŠ Litija