58 When the reaction calms down and the foamy bubbles burst, the CO2 "lies" in the glass, as it is heavier than air. GOAL OF TASKS After the reaction is complete, "pour" CO2 over the burning candle and the candle goes out. At the same time, do not pour any water over the candle. TEACHING METHODS: (creative-problem solving, resource-based learning, inquirybased learning, setting small groups, teamwork, experiential learning) Experiential learning CONSOLIDATION STAGE APPROACH/METHOD (discussion, argumentative debate, role-playing …) Discussion. EXPECTED RESULTS To know that every chemical reaction is a material and energetic change, to be able to describe simple chemical reactions in words and to identify reactants and products in cases of simple chemical reactions. ASSESSMENT EVALUATION Description of the chemical reaction in your own words. OŠ Litija