18 2.5 IDENTIFYING THE ART EXPRESSIONS AND VISUAL FORMS TOOLS ART EXPRESSIONS Field of art expressions is wide and have variety of forms. With the use of artwork in school lessons we have several options. Art can be used as a starting point fort he whole lesson in the motivational stage, it can illustrate the core of the lesson's topic or present problem itself. It is important to have clear vision, what will selected artwork represent in the school lesson and how it will be used. Use Direct: artwork illustrates the subject, no in-depth context needed Metaphor: artwork serves as a starting point for discussion, description and attention to its features needed Analysis: artwork needs to be analysed to see the connections with the subject, its context is crucial for understanding Abstraction: artwork and the subject are both systematically boiled down to the common denominator, which reveals the underlying practical and theoretical parallels and structures Source Natural world: depiction of flora, fauna, geography, cosmos Human world: historical events, portraits and people, architecture, customs and traditions Religion: supernatural events, myths, legends, miracles, religious milestones Literature: depiction of events, characters and themes from novels, stories, poems, epics, essays, plays, etc. Theory: art about art, psychology, colour theory, reception theory, etc. (e.g. abstract expressionism, neoplasticism, surrealism) Art expressions can come from pupils themselves. There can be a task given in the school lesson, where they have to incorporate their own artistic expressions by making a piece of art. Art expressions that pupils make can come from a different field of art: for example painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, their own artistic video, computer art or other art forms, not necessarily from the field of visual arts (such as poems or other creative writing, creating music) or combination of different art expressions (for example: art projects, installation). When implementing the type of task, where pupils own art expression is expected, it is important for OTA project to keep in mind, that the