THIRD PART: STEAM INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH 69) Have you ever used the interdisciplinary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach to teach your subject? ☐Never ☐Yes, I have already used/use it 70) Do you think that an interdisciplinary teaching methodology can help you to explain complex concepts more easily? 1.Poorly 5. Very Much 71) Do you think that using a creative approach could make your lessons more interesting for students? 1.Poorly 5. Very Much 72) Would you like to collaborate with your colleagues, art teachers, during your lessons? ☐ No ☐ Yes 73) If yes: how would you evaluate this collaboration from 1 to 5? 1.Not useful 5.Very useful 74) Do you think the STEAM approach can be used online? ☐Yes ☐No ☐I don't know 75) If you answered yes: how do you think it can be used online? 76) Do you have any good practices to suggest? 51