1. InTRoduCTion OTA- Online Teaching Advancement is a project focused on creating an open learning methodology based on arts and creativity for teaching science subjects as well as the necessary implementation tools that will enable teachers to support pupils, from 12 to 14, in science learning. OTA project wants to improve pupils’ integration in their school and community and enhance their wellbeing and learning results, to overcome barriers due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. The first output was aimed to analyse the curricula of subjects as Maths, Chemistry and Physics in the primary or secondary schools and find the common topics among the partner countries, thus adopting a curriculum based cross-national comparative approach. Therefore, the consortium analysed, at first, the curricula of Natural and Scientific subjects of each partner country and identified common topics across the countries; then, a survey online was administered to find the most challenging topics both for teachers and students in distance learning. This report is a synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data, resulting from the online survey and focus groups in each partner country; and it aims to state how the results indicate the need for an intervention that can help improve the skills and competences of the target groups, leading to more effective and smooth learning of educational content and topics through tools that can be used in online teaching. The path followed during these months of work consisted of three different moments. - At the beginning each partner country studied its own national curriculum relating to the natural and scientific subjects: Maths, Chemistry and Physics. Thanks to this research, a comparison of the four countries' curricula in S&N subjects was made and it was possible to define the common topics to be used and addressed in the survey in order to provide usable teaching materials in schools in all different countries. - Once the common topics were identified, a survey was created and administered to Natural and scientific teachers - - At the same time each partner conducted a focus group (in the case of Slovenian partners, they conducted two different focus groups) in which different stakeholders were involved, aimed to investigate more on the challenges of online teaching. 3