Regarding theFunctions for the Slovenian teachers the hardest topics to learn online were: - Definition of the linear function y = kx + n and draw it - Compose table and draw a graph variables InPercentage(account and direct and inverse ratio) students had some problems with Graphically display P%, Calculation with p%andSolve real life problems. CHEMISTRY Target group: teachers For Chemistry the most difficult topics in teaching online were: ● Element in the Periodic table ● Atoms ● Chemistry general ● Solution ● Mixtures and pure substances Regarding theElement in the Periodic table, all respondents had troubles only withChemical elements classified in the periodic system and marked with symbols. Instead, regardingAtoms all teachers had some problems explainingElectronic chains. In teaching Chemistry general the Molecules were difficult for more teachers and for Solutions the most difficult topic was Concept of solubility of substances and saturation of solutions. Finally, regarding Mixtures and pure substances Methods for separating pure substances from mixtures (filtration, extraction, evaporation, distillation was the topic in which most of the teachers interviewed had the most problems. 11